As far apart as «Automotive Distribution Consulting» may appear to be from «Coaching Of Dog Owners With Dogs Showing Serious Problematic Behaviour», there is a common denominator.

The success of both are closely linked to people, to their readiness to accept change and ability to change their thinking and behaviour.

Defining the objectives, formulating the strategy on how to achieve the objectives, putting the implementation plan in place and using clearly defined milestones to ensure the objectives are reached, apply to both areas.

Automotive consulting is my profession, dogs and their nature is my vocation.

Substantial experience in international automotive distribution is the enabler for the former, long experience with dogs for the latter – and adult training and development experience, a platform for both.

Automotive Distribution Consulting

«Sifting the wheat from the chaff»

Sparring partner to senior executives at all levels in the distribution channel OEM -> NSC/Import -> Retail.

Removal of complexity in the distribution channel to enable focus on what is important. Prioritising and improving the speed, depth and sustainability of project implementations.

To date approx. 90 projects with 17 brands completed.

B2B Sales Performance
Consulting & Tools


Sales consultants often don't know exactly what they have to do more of, less of, or not at all, if their sales targets are increased.

Often this has to do with also not knowing what generated their current results. In many cases, only a more structured and systematic approach to sales productivity leads to transparency.

SalesDriver is the tool to support professional sales management.

Dog Owner Coaching

70% of dogs show problematic behaviour on a walk, mainly aggression in an early stage or in full escalation.

Read why, what role the other end of the leash plays and what the dog to handle challenging situations in a relaxed manner.

If you are interested in dog behaviour, species appropriate dog training, or have a dog that shows unwanted behaviour, this is for you. To date approx. 450 dog owners with challenging dogs coached.

Hundehalter Ausbildung

70% der Hunde zeigen problematisches Verhalten auf dem Spaziergang, vor allem Aggression im Frühstadium oder voll ausgelebt.

Lesen Sie warum, welche Rolle die Hundehalter dabei spielen und was der Hund braucht, um mit herausfordernden Situationen gelassen umgehen zu können.

Wenn Sie sich für das Wesen der Hunde und deren artgerechte Ausbildung interessieren, oder einen Hund haben, der unerwünschtes Verhalten zeigt, bitte lesen Sie weiter.